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Cerner has established a virtual healthcare environment to represent its 25-year vision. The environment includes numerous venues, such as a hospital, clinic, pharmacy, and more. Within the venues are areas where individuals can interact to learn about Cerner’s solutions. The virtual environment acknowledges education and affiliation among clients and supports Cerner’s vision for the future of healthcare. Virtual characters, known as avatars, will guide you through the environment where you can participate in the following:

  • View and interact with Smart Room technologies such as myStation and iAware, to learn about them in real life
  • Experience how clinicians view real-time data from the care team and medical devices in the medical intensive care unit
  • Witness how Cerner’s solutions enable patients to connect with the care team
  • Collaborate and share knowledge with other individuals in Second Life

What is Second Life?
Launched in 2003, Second Life is a virtual world that creates a user-defined environment where people can interact, conduct business and exchange ideas. Second Life is used in many large corporations such as IBM, Intel and Microsoft to collaborate, share product knowledge and network. Additionally, many leading universities and school systems use Second Life in their educational programs to familiarize students with benefits of virtual worlds, connect them with others and provide instructional simulations.